Sigma Automotive Materials Plant

Sigma Automotive Materials

IATF - 16949

Sigma Automotive Materials (SAM) established in 2005, is a subsidiary of Sigma Group and among India's fastest growing business houses in Automotive Industry. Sigma Automotive Materials, a world class engineering company has over the years developed expertise and specialization in supplying a wide range of high precision fully machined casting and forging components to global OEMs. Sigma Automotive Materials is a one stop solution provider to its clients with capability to produce a diverse range of products across the automotive sector.

Sigma Automotive Materials follows advanced manufacturing processes coupled with technological engineering expertise and rigorous quality systems to achieve high volumes with close tolerances, consistency & dimensional accuracy. Over the years it has successfully produced a wide variety of automotive parts which includes precision components, machined casting, and forging parts (Ferrous and non-ferrous) for power train, drive train and suspension applications for supply in India as well as to export markets of Europe and North / South America.

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Precision components is among the most widely used components in the automotive industry which requires a high degree of expertise and advanced technology for manufacturing. Sigma Automotive Materials is equipped with state-of-the-art Japanese CNC and VMC machines for producing high volumes at shortest turnaround time with consistency, dimensional accuracy & tolerances upto 10-20 microns. Sigma Automotive Materials offers a wide variety of precision machined components manufactured from ferrous & non-ferrous materials (Aluminium, zinc, nickel etc.) like alloy steel Hot & Cold Forged machined components, Aluminium Extrusion machined parts, Bar stock Machined parts with Zn-Iron, Zn-Ni and KTL coating & Grey iron/Ductile-Iron Machined KTL coated parts.


Sigma Automotive Materials rich experience in the automotive industry coupled with technological expertise, advanced manufacturing processes and rigorous quality checks has enabled it to offer a wide variety of very high degree tensile strength machined castings and forgings parts for Power train, Suspension applications, Clutch Assemblies, Brake Assemblies, Damper’s Pulley (Multi V-groove /Inertia Rings for Torsion Vibration Damper Assembly & Viscous Damper Assembly) at an attractive price point.